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Sweet potato, chickpea and kale red peanut curry

I love love loveee this curry. I don't know how else to tell you that it's so worth trying. Before this curry, I was afraid of cooking with peanut butter, but one tablespoon is all this curry needs. It's hearty, healthy(ish) and wholesome. I've also split up the ingredient list into 2 simple parts because sometimes tackling a curry with lots of ingredients can be a bit daunting. Because I cook a lot for my family, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate more veggies into our meals for my youngest siblings. Kale is their arch nemesis, but in a good curry they will eat up every last bit and it was no different for this vibrant dish, they loved it - and my siblings are very harsh critics! I topped my bowl with some fresh coriander and roasted peanuts that my mum makes every so often at home and keeps in a jar for snacking. We served it up with fluffy jasmine rice, but I reckon that this curry would go very well with some homemade flatbreads for dipping and scooping

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