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Coconut braised chicken thighs

Okay I admit that this plate of food looks highly unassuming. Chicken and a broth?! It's not rocket science, but I promise you it's good - in fact it's BETTER than good - and my family raved about it for quite some time until I made it again. Here is what I learned while recipe testing: Marinating the chicken prior to cooking is essential for this dish. I recommend marinating from anywhere between 12-24hrs. Of course the longer, the better - and the more flavourful your food! The addition of coconut cream to the marinade makes the chicken dreamily tender and soft - it literally falls off the bone as you cut into it...Then chickpeas give this meal some bite (which we want to keep so we add it halfway through cooking), while the mangetout soaks up all of that thyme and turmeric goodness and wow when you get a mouthful of all the flavours it's like a little party in your mouth! In other words - make this right now , you won't regret it.  And I'm all into cheap and

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