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Berry Medley Pavlova

I love pavlova. I could literally eat it all day and all night. If you aren't familiar with this meringue-esque dessert, pavlova is made up of a crispy and chewy exterior and a light and fluffy marshmallow like interior. Everytime I'm in the process of making a pav, I marvel at the fact that my least favourite part of the egg whips up into a magical cloud. I already have a pavlova up on my instagram at the moment, and I make them quite regularly over in my household so I'm always trying to mix things up with different flavour combinations. You can find that pav here , which I topped with lemon curd and a passionfruit coulis for a zingy and brighter take on your classic strawberry number. I wanted to keep this pavlova really fresh and light, so I paired a simple vanilla cream with a medley of berries. Apparently, cherries are not actually berries, but for the sake of this blog post let's all pretend that they are ok? ok hehe. They were in season, and the shops were fit t

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